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BitZeny Mining Pool
  • Minimum payout: 0.1 ZNY / 最低支払額: 0.1 ZNY
  • Payment interval: 10 min. / 支払間隔: 10分
  • Pool fee: 0.5% / 使用手数料: 0.5%
  • Payment method: PROP / 支払方法: PROP
Last updates
Feb/07/2018 Fixed some code and server restarted.
Feb/06/2018 Fixed some code and server restarted.
Pool and Network Stats
 Coin: bitzeny
 Miners Online: 5
 Workers Online: 16
 Pool H/s: 24.03 KH/s
 Pool Fee: 0.5%
 Block Height: 1203337
 Network H/s: 18.84 MH/s
 Difficulty: 0.35419346
 Node Connections: 8
 Luck 0.817 Days
Minerd Settings
Username: your BitZeny address
Algorithm: yescrypt
Mobile (difficulty 0.1): stratum+tcp://
Middle (difficulty 0.5): stratum+tcp://
High (difficulty 1): stratum+tcp://
Cloud (difficulty 5): stratum+tcp://
Servers Infomation
  United States
 DDoS Protected
 DDoS Protected
 DDoS Protected
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